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Video Game Systems

Photo of video game systems

Atari Jaguar
Dreamcast (European)
FC Twin
Magnavox Odyssey2

Running the System

  1. Turn on the Toshiba TV.
  2. Change the input to Video 1 to play the Jaguar, FC Twin, Intellivision, or PlayStation. To use the Odyssey2, change the input to Video 3. To use the Dreamcast, you will find a VGA adapter in the same drawer. You can use this to connect to the Dell monitor on the desk.
  3. Ensure the selected system is hooked up to the TV and to the power. The power supply, if not already plugged in, should be in the drawer with the game system.
  4. To use one of the Video 1 systems, use the multi-input box on top of the TV to select the correct channel. Input 1 is the FC Twin. Input 2 is the PlayStation. Input 3 is the Jaguar. Input 4 is the Intellivision.
  5. For the PlayStation, find a controller in the bottom, unlabeled drawer in the stack. An additional controller for the FC Twin can also be found here. For the Jaguar and Dreamcast, find the controllers in the larger set of plastic drawers on the bottom shelf next to the TV, below the games selection. For other stations, additional controllers can also be found in these drawers.
  6. Select a game from the shelf.
  7. Insert the game as appropriate to the console, and turn on the console. If the appropriate input is selected on the TV and the multi-input box, the light on the multi-input box should light up and a picture should be displayed on the TV