A lab/studio. We develop new poetic practices and new understandings of digital media by focusing on the material, formal, and historical aspects of computation and language. The Trope Tank is directed by Nick Montfort and is located both at MIT and in New York City.

The MIT Trope Tank is a Comparative Media Studies/Writing research group. In normal times the MIT Trope Tank has a space for class visits, collaborative research, poetic and artistic work, and community meetings, in particular, those of the People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction. During the pandemic we are conducting research and collaborative artistic practice online.

The NYC Trope Tank works with community arts organizations such as Babycastles and facilitates the demoparty Synchrony. The physical profile of the NYC Trope Tank is a small workspace, an audiovisual cart with vintage computers, and a collection of books. Most collaborative work in New York City happens in other spaces.

Under construction!Under construction!Under construction!Under construction!Under construction!

BOTH physical locations are currently (February 2021) literally under construction, with materials in storage — some of them in a small MIT office, but most in deeper storage! We’ll have a more up-to-date website once again after setting up in both spaces.


Our TROPE REPORT Series of Technical Reports

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