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PowerMac G4 System

Photo of the PowerMac G4 system

PowerMac G4
Dell LCD Monitor
iOmega Floppy Drive
iogear Keyboard
iogear Mouse

Running the System

  1. Ensure that the PowerMac is plugged into the wall.
  2. Turn on the monitor and select the DVI input.
  3. Press the power button on the front of the PowerMac tower.

Loading Programs from CD

The PowerMac G4 mounts a CD automatically when it is inserted into the drive. With the computer on and fully booted, place a CD in the drive and wait for the disk to be mounted and for the CD icon to appear on the screen. It should appear near the top right of the desktop. Double click the disk to open it, and double click the file or program icon inside the finder window to open that particular program.

Loading Programs from iOmega ZIP Disks

The integrated drive should read ZIP Disks automatically, when inserted. However, the drive is currently not operating properly. Do not insert ZIP disks into the drive as it is difficult to access the physical release button for the drive, which is located beneath the plastic cover.

Loading Programs from Floppy Disks

An external USB floppy disk drive is available. Do not insert floppy disks into the integrated ZIP drive.

Running Programs from the Hard Drive

On the desktop, double click the Hard Drive icon, located at the upper right of the screen. Navigate by double clicking on icons representing files and folders on the disk. Double click a file or program to open it.

Software of Interest

Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse
Patchwork Girl