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Commodore PC Select Edition HD40

Photo of the Commodore PC Select Edition HD40

December 1989
Initial Price: $559+ (the early PC-10 model sold for this in 1987)
Company: Commodore Business Machines, 1954-1994
Serial Number: CA1113287

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[Commodore PC]


Processor: Intel 8088 (4.77, 7.16, or 9.54 MHz, with 8087 coprocessor socket)
RAM: 192 KB
Video: Built-in video controller
Hard Drive: 40 MB
Removable Storage: 5.25" disks, 3.5" disks
I/O: Mouse (DE-9), Component Video, RGBI (DE-9), Serial Port (RS232), Parallel Port (Centronics), Keyboard (DIN), Power, 3 internal expansion slots

Usage Notes

The model number is listed as PC10C/PC20C. There is limited information available about the Commodore PC line of PC/XT compatible machines. The system BIOS operates, checks memory, and attempts to boot. It is unable to access the hard drive (40 MB Western Digital) which is in place but inoperable. It recognizes 5.25" disks and attempts to boot from them. The 3.5" floppy drive is not in the boot disk check sequence.