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Commodore 64 System

Photo of the Commodore 64 sytem

Commodore 64 (#1)
Commodore 1702 Monitor
Commodore 1541 Disk Drive
1541 Ultimate II

Running the System

  1. Switch on the power strip behind the monitor (behind and to the left)
  2. Ensure that the cables connecting the Commodore 64 and monitor are in place (composite video in the front, or split luminance/chroma in the rear)
  3. Switch the monitor input slider (right rear) to Front or Rear as appropriate
  4. Power on the monitor with the button on the bottom right of its face. The power light should illuminate and you may hear a staticy whine from the CRT.
  5. Power on the 1541 disk drive, if needed, with the power rocker on the rear of the drive. The light on the front will illuminate.
  6. Power on the Commodore 64 using the power rocker on the right-hand side of the device. The red power light on the top right of the device will illuminate.

Loading Programs from Disk

The Commodore 64 will not boot automatically from a disk in the drive. If the drive is on, with a disk loaded, and the disk latch engaged, type
LOAD "$",8
to see a list of files on the drive. To load any file, type
or to load the first file on disk, type
LOAD "*",8
Once a file is loaded it can be run by typing RUN at the command prompt. Alternatively, you can load and run a file in one command by using

Loading Programs from Micro SD Card

The 1541 Ultimate disk drive emulator allows you to load programs from a Micro SD card. Ensure that the 1541 disk drive is connected to the 1541 Ultimate. Turn on the Commodore 64 and press the middle button on the back of the 1541 Ultimate. You will be presented with a list of inputs. Use the arrow keys on the Commodore 64 to navigate. The right arrow brings you down a level, the left arrow moves up a level, and the up and down arrows navigate between options.Select a program using the arrow keys to highlight it, and press Enter. Select RUN from menu. If RUN does not work, try other options in the list.

Software Objects

Disappear (Emulated video)