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Commodore 64 (#2)

Photo of the Commodore 64

August 1982
Initial Price: $595
Company: Commodore Business Machines, 1954-1994
Serial Number: RP0118201
Device Number: 2

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PET ... VIC-20 ... [Commodore 64] ... Amiga


Processor: MOS 6510 (1.023 MHz)
RAM: 64 KB
Hard Drive: None
Removable Storage: Cartridges, cassettes, 5.25" disks (via external drive), and (via the 1541 Ultimate II) Micro SD cards
I/O: 44-pin ROM Expansion Slot, RF Modulator (RCA), 8-Pin Composite Video & Sound (DIN-45326), Serial Bus (IEEE-488, 6-Pin DIN), Commodore Datassette 300 Baud Tape Interface (PET-type), User Port (TTL-level edge connector), 2x Game Controller Ports (DE9M)

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