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Atari VCS System

Photo of the Atari VCS system

Atari VCS
Trinitron Color TV Reciever
Atari Compatible Controllers

Running the System

  1. Turn on the power bar located on the desk behind the TV.
  2. Turn on the Trinitron TV. You should see static on the screen, and hear a staticy buzzing sound if the TV volume is on.
  3. Place a cartridge into the VCS cartridge slot, ensuring it clicks in firmly.
  4. Turn on the VCS by sliding the power switch on the top left to the On position. You should notice the static sound stops and the picture changes to an image from the game.
  5. IMPORTANT: Turn the VCS itself off before removing and/or replacing a cartridge. The television can be left on while changing cartridges, but the VCS must be switched off.

Software of Interest

Yars' Revenge
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back