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Atari 400 System

Picture of the Atari 400 system

Atari 400
Trinitron Color TV
Atari 1050 Disk Drive

Running the System

  1. Switch on the power strip
  2. Turn on the television monitor
  3. Switch on the Atari 1050 disk drive, using the rocker switch on the back of the device
  4. Insert a disk into the Atari 1050 disk drive
  5. If you intend to play a game, connect a controller to the front of the device
  6. Turn on the Atari 400 using the rocker switch on the right side of the device

Loading Programs from Disk

If the disk drive is on and a disk is in the drive, the Atari 400 will boot from the drive automatically when it starts up. If the drive stops working and the screen is blank, or shows just the prompt, then something may be wrong with the chosen disk. If the screen shows BOOT ERROR, then the disk is likely not formatted for the Atari. The disk you boot should prompt you for the next step (selecting a game, flipping the disk to load the rest of the program, etc.).

Software of Interest

Zork II
Zork III
Leather Goddess of Phobos