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Apple IIc System

Photo of the Apple IIc system

Apple IIc
HP 82913A Monitor
Apple Duo Disk
(Commodore 1702 Monitor)

Running the System

  1. Switch on the power strip behind the monitor (behind and to the right)
  2. Ensure that the cables connecting the Apple IIc and monitor are in place (the HP monitor is connected by default; the Commodore 1702 monitor can be used by plugging in the yellow composite video cable to the front of the 1702, and switching the input switch on the right-rear of the monitor to the Front position)
  3. Power on the monitor by rotating Off-On-Vol to the right (or, for the 1702, by pressing the button on the right front of the device); the red light on the top right-hand corner of the monitor should illuminate
  4. Place the disk you would like to boot into the Apple IIc's integrated disk drive, on the right side of the device
  5. Switch on the Apple IIc using the rocker switch on the back left of the device; the green light on top of the device will illuminate, and the red light will flash as the drive attempts to read from the disk

Loading Programs from Disk

To boot from a disk, place the disk in the Apple IIc's disk drive, located on the right side of the device, close the drive lock lever, and power on the machine. The computer should automatically recognize the disk and boot from it. If the disk is not recognized, it may have degraded or may not be formatted for the Apple IIc. The drive will occasionally fail to recognize a valid disk. So if you recieve a Check Drive message, try removing and re-seating the disk and then resetting the machine with the key combination Open-Apple + Control + Reset. Or, try switching the machine off and on again.

Software of Interest

First Screening (bpNichol)