Technical Reports in Our TROPE REPORT Series

  1. TROPE-12-01 - The Trivial Program "yes" (Nick Montfort)
  2. TROPE-12-02 - XS, S, M, XL: Creative Text Generators of Different Scales (Nick Montfort)
  3. TROPE-12-03 - Creative Material Computing in a Laboratory Context (Nick Montfort and Natalia Fedorova)
  4. TROPE-12-04 - Carrying across Language and Code (Nick Montfort and Natalia Fedorova)
  5. TROPE-13-01 - Electronic Literature for All: Performance in Exhibits and Public Readings (Clara Fernández-Vara)
  6. TROPE-13-02 - Videogame Editions for Play and Study (Clara Fernández-Vara and Nick Montfort)
  7. TROPE-13-03 - No Code: Null Programs (Nick Montfort)
  8. TROPE-14-01 - New Novel Machines: Nanowatt and World Clock (Nick Montfort)
  9. TROPE-14-02 - Stickers as a Literature-Distribution Platform (Piotr Marecki)
  10. TROPE-15-01 - Textual Demoscene (Piotr Marecki)
  11. TROPE-17-01 - Heftings: A Preliminary System to Support Impossible Translation (Chris Kerich and Nick Montfort)
  12. TROPE-17-02 - 256-Byte Creative Programs (Sofian Audry, Angela Chang, Chris Kerich, Milton Läufer and Nick Montfort)
  13. TROPE-20-01 - A Full Explanation of the Petscii Jetski Code (Nick Montfort and Jesper Juul)
  14. TROPE-20-02 - Autopia and The Truelist: Language Combined in Two Computer-Generated Books (Nick Montfort)
  15. TROPE-22-01 - A Line Alone: One-Liners in Comedy, Computation, and Poetry (Nick Montfort)

About Us

The Trope Tank is a lab/studio. We develop new poetic practices and new understandings of digital media by focusing on the material, formal, and historical aspects of computation and language.